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Atomika supplies and manufactures, Flame Atomic Absorption - AA Standards.  These are made on order and are readily available.  We manufacture two types of exceptionally high quality AA Standards:

Type 1:  Flame Atomic Absorption - Certified AA Standards

This is Atomika's high end AA Standards, which is accompanied

by a 'Certificate of Analysis'


  • Manufactured on Order

  • Delivery in 3 - 7 Working days

  • Quality 

  • High standard of service to our clients

  • Exceptional value

Calcium (Ca) - Flame Atomic Absorption

  • 1.  Manufacturer / Supplier Address

    Atomika Laboratory Supplies

    145 Chattan Road

    Glenferness Kyalami


    2. Quotations & Pricing Policy

    2.1  Quoted prices are based on the relevant exchange rate prevailing at the date of quotation, and are valid only until "Expiry Date" on the quote.

    2.2  The prices quoted are only valid based on the quantities quoted on.  Any quality variations are subjected to price changes upon acceptance of orders

    2.3   Value Added Tax is payable by the applicant on all goods purchased from Atomika Laboratory in terms of the current legislation

    2.4    All manufactured and delivered from:   145 Chattan Road, Glenferness Kyalami, Midrand

    2.5  All quotations need to be signed off for acceptance,  and returned via e-mail to: with your Purchase Order.

    3. Purchase Order Policy:

    3.1  A 'Purchase Order' shall reflect:  in respect of the supply and delivery of Goods and/or Services.

          (a) Purchase Order Number     (b) Price       (c)   Quantity   

          (d)  elements    (e)  concentrations     (d) Volume.

    The Client shall notify Atomika Laboratory of any discrepancy or omission in the Purchase Order with in (24) hours after receipt.

    3.2  The Client shall be responsible for all discrepancies, errors or omissions, on any of the Documentations (Purchase Orders).

    3.3  All Purchase Orders require a quotation prior to ordering.

    3.4  All quotations need to be signed off for acceptance by the " Lab Manager,  and returned via e-mail to: with your Purchase Order.

    3.5  No variation to the Purchase order will be accepted once the order has been processed and sent for Manufacture.

    3.6  Items are Non-refundable or Non-returnable once manufactured according to the Purchase order.

    3.7  Once the delivery note has been accepted (Signed Off) Items may not be returned or swopped.

    4. Delivery Terms

    4.1  Delivery shall be made in accordance with the Terms of this Order.  The Order number must appear on all documents pertaining to  the Order, invoices,  packing lists, correspondence, and all shipping documents.   Atomika  shall not substitute material or ship more than the quantity ordered.  

     Atomika will be Quoting the Delivery/Logistics Fee on all quotations.  The Buyer is responsible for  payment, all costs of delivering the Goods to the Delivery Location, including, without limitation, all shipping and freight costs and all  duties, fees, tariffs

    4.2  Access to Atomika premises shall at all times be subjected to Atomika standard Terms and Conditions of Access

    4.2.1  Collection & Deliveries are during office hours:  08:00 - 16:00  (Monday to Thursday)  08:00 - 13:00 (Friday)

    4.2.2  All Delivery Trucks and cars are to be delivered in the designated area

    4.2.3  All Deliveries and Clients are to obey the speed limit of 5km/h

    4.2.4  No persons is allowed on Atomika premises (Access to our Laboratory is not Authorised), unless they have been invited or have an  appointment.

    4.2.5  When collecting any packages from Atomika premises:  Atomika will  inform clients via email or telephone when your orders are  ready for collection.

    5. Rejection of Purchase Orders

    5.1  Incorrect Purchase Orders sent to Atomika will not be processed. Atomikia will inform the client in writing when a purchase  order is incorrect.  Atomika shall give the Client written notice specifying particulars of the alleged defects.

    5.2  Should the Client fail to rectify the defect on the purchase order within a reasonable time, Atomika may cancel the  Purchases Order

    6. Payment

    6.1  All payments due to Atomika shall be strictly payable by the Client on Pro-forma Invoice. Before manufacturing commences.

    6.2  A Statement will be submitted by Atomika monthly

    6.6  Please send Proof of Payment to:

    6.7  All payments due and payable are to be made by EFT

    Atomika  Banking Details:

    Bank:  FNB

    Account Holder:  JD De Bruyn

    Branch Code:  250655

    Account Number:  62825891775
    If the clients accounts is in arrears, No new orders will be processed until the account has been settled.

    7. Manufactured Goods

    7.1   Atomika supplies:        Option 1:  Manufactured and receives a 'Certificate of Analysis' with the AA Standards  (High end range)

                                                      Option 2:  Manufactured with no 'Certificate of Analysis' with the AA Standards  (Cost effective range)

    7.2  All AA Standards have a valid shelf life, as indicated on the Label and Certificate.

    7.3  Made on order.  These are non-Returnable.

    8. COA Certificate Policy:

    8.1  COA will be delivered with the AA Standards.   Atomika attaches the COA to the bottles when packaged.

    8.2  There is an example of Atomika Certificates on our website.

    9. Owneship and Risk

    9.1  All items supplied or Manufactured by Atomika remains the property of Atomika until all Invoices and Accounts are fully paid.

    10. Breach of Contract and Termination

    10.1  Should Atomika be of the opinion, that the Client is unsatisfactory or not in accordance with the contract,

    Atomika will  notify the Client immediately in writing.

    11. Correspondence

    11.1  All correspondence (In writing) shall be done via e-mail to:

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